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*mmmm* FOOD!!

come and get it while its hot...

The Beefy Bunch
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This the all around best FAT ASS community .. why you ask? becaues I myself made it and came up with it, with the help from my best fat ass pal around amanda!! WOO HOO!! SHE'S A HOT ONE!! but oh hold on...no,no guys.. she is indeed taken.. :( now, whats with all the sad faces... come on..

You kno its killing you already to join this community.. i know it is.. i see it in your eyes.. (well no i dont.. i cant actually see you.. becaseu that WOULD in fact be scary... and what not..but onto what i was trying to say before i got the best of myself) Join.. its fun!! and you get free cookies, come on all fat asses liek cookies!!.. (well there i go lieing again to you,, no you actually dont get cookies *sighs*)... but HEY! come one theres something you must get??......*ponders*... AHH!! i kno you can get a spot in this lovely community... i kno you want it... and you know you want it... So come on and join... heres how:

(wow you actually are still with me at this point? well if so.. heres what i have to say.. [normally i am not this perky so stick with me]..)
1.) Click Join Community
2.) Update sometimes in a blue moon..so we know yo uare in fact alive and havent died of a clogged artery from all those fatty foods..
3.) um.. theres no other thing.. but i decided to have a 3 jsut because i dotn liek even numbers... and 3 is one hot #...

Well thats really about all.. so have fun.. eat lots of food.. and well jsut be a lazy fat ass.. not much to ask right?