chaviva (chaviva) wrote in beefy_bunch,

Goddamnit....Last night I was smoking weed in my backyard, and suddenly I started coughing so hard I blew the joint out of my mouth and into the bushes....I searched and searched, but I couldn't find the joint, and I searched this morning too and still it wasn't anywhere.....I want to cry and scream and break things. Actually, I have already cried, and screamed too, but I still haven't broken anything because I've already lost some really good weed, I don't want to ruin anything else....God I fucking HATE not being high!

Good thing I still have some DXM handy, but that kind of high is so much harder to hide than just being stoned, and I have to wait until Mom won't be around all day to do it.
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that sucks so much, im sorry!

Deleted comment

What a waste of good money and good doughnuts!